ARES-200, 200 A Micro-ohm meter is getting ready for release soon!

ARES-200 is a micro-ohmmeter produced with advanced engineering technologies which can apply up to 200 A current. With its easy-to-use software, ARES-200 can easily measure contact resistances of circuit breaker, shunt, disconnector by applying adjustable current from 1 A to 200 A. It can calculate the real values of the resistors by providing penetration by the feature of the continuous current application. ARES-200 can measure from 0.1 µ Ω to 5 Ω. The ARES-200 is capable of measuring static resistance as well as providing dynamic insight into the contact points of the circuit breaker. ARES-200 can measure idle circuit breakers as well as the earthed circuit breakers on both sides. The optional current clamp will be able to measure [...]


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