Project Description

TPA-03, Three-Phase Adapter

TPA-03 Brochure EN

TPA-03 three-phase adapter allows users to make, TURA-01 Turns Ratio Meter and WinRes-20 Winding Resistance Meter applicable on three-phase measurements.


  • Only a single measurement cable is needed for the connection of both primary and secondary side with the TPA-03 three-phase adapter.
  • TURA-01 can measure the turns ratio of 3 phase power transformers easily and quickly with a single connection using TPA-03.
  • WINRES-20 can test winding resistance of the primary and secondary winding of power transformers respectively or separately.
  • This option eliminates the connection complexity of the winding resistance gauges and can be done more quickly and easily.


TURA-01 and WINRES-20 would have additional features such as smart tap changing ability along with TPA-03.


Transformers vector group can be determined automatically by using TPA -03 and TURA-01 together.


For those who are looking for a low budget solution for measuring Turns Ratio and Winding Resistance on three-phase test transformers, they can go on with TURA-01 and WINRES-20. By using TPA-03 along with TURA-01, three-phase measurements can be easily done.


TPA-03’s ultra-safe connector type prevents possible contact to metallic parts of connectors by users.

TPA-03 with TURA-01

TURA-01&TPA-03 Connection Diagram

TPA-03 with WINRES-20

TPA-03, Three-Phase Adapter