Project Description

Hightest-TTS-125-3300 Transformer Test System


                     USER FRIENDLY

“Just Connect, Rest’s Automatic”

TTS 125-3300 Transformer Test System has been developed by HIGHTEST for easy and fully automated measurement and reporting of LOAD – FREE losses of distribution transformers, heating test and similar tests.

Thanks to the special design developed for high accuracy and easy operation, only the test cables are connected by the user.


  • Load-loss and no-load test of up to 2000 kVA and 6 % impedance transformers
  • 125 kVA Power Transformer
  • Automatic Controlled Tap Changer
  • Precision Power Analyzer
  • Ultra-Precise Measurement Transformers (Current and Voltage)
  • Top-level safety
  • First-class materials and labor
  • Installed in 20 inch container
  • Possibility of customized design


  • No Load Loss Measurement
  • Load Loss Measurement


  • Induced Voltage Test
  • Applied Voltage Test
  • Heat Run
  • Winding Resistance Measurement
  • Transformer Ratio Measurement
  • Insulation Resistance Measurement
  • Oil Penetration Voltage Test
  • Tan-Delta Measurement


  • Column type strong design
  • Regulator adjustable up to 400 V remote control
  • Minimum and maximum safety switches
  • Zero start feature
  • Auto zero reversibility feature
  • Separate adjustment of three phase voltages

If there is a drop in any of the mains voltages, phase compensation can be achieved thanks to motorized control capability, one for each phase in varactor.

  • Stage display
  • Advanced motor driver (for 3 phases)
  • Voltage increase rate control (for 3 phases)


10 – 450 V AC160 A  AC
20 – 900 V AC80 A  AC
30 – 1800 V AC40 A  AC
40 – 2400 V AC30 A  AC
50 – 3300 V AC22 A  AC


  • Fire detection system
  • Relay protections
  • Foot pedal and emergency stop buttons
  • Warning lamp (Light and buzzer)
  • Over current relays
  • Over voltage relays
  • Phase sequence relay
  • Door and operator safety switches
  • Warning lamp (While system works)
  • Zero start function


  • Induced Voltage Test
  • Applied Voltage Test
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Winding Resistance Test
  • Transformer Turn Ratio Test
  • Insulation Resistance Measurement
  • Oil Breakdown Tester
  • Tan-Delta Measurement