Transformer Turn Ratio

The transformer turns ratio is the number of turns of the primary winding divided by the number of turns of the secondary coil. The transformer turns ratio provides the expected operation of the transformer and the corresponding voltage required on the secondary winding. Single-Phase TTR Single-Phase TURA series devices can test transformer turn ratio and calculate error as a percentage. By testing the turn ratio operator can understand how much voltage they will get from the secondary side precisely. TURA single-phase series turn ratio meters can test three-phase transformers also. Three-Phase TTR TURA-03 series turn ratio meters can test turns ratio by making only a one-time connection to transformers and automatically test all phases. TURA-03 series turn ratio testers can [...]

Winding Resistance

WinRes-20 winding resistance meter can make precise and fast measurements in even small and big power transformers. WinRes-20 winding resistance meter can measure from 0.01 microohm to 100,000 Ohm resistance value. WinRes-20 winding resistance meter has a 7-inch display and can be expandable with a three-phase adapter.

Circuit Breaker Timer

Why do we need to test circuit breakers? It is very important to test circuit breakers regularly. Contact Timing Tests and Motion tests are performed to determine the optimal performance of the breakers. The testing can determine improper breaker operations in case of system fault and to improve system reliability. Contact Timing Tests Contact timing tests are performed to compare the breakers’ main & resistor contact performance against the manufactures specifications. The breakers OPEN, CLOSE, OPEN-CLOSE, CLOSE-OPEN & OPEN-CLOSE-OPEN operations are timed in milliseconds (ms) and cycles and then compared with the manufacturers’ specification to determine the performance of the circuit breaker. CIBRE-L6B BLUE features with a 4.3-inch large colour touch display, which is visible under both bright sunlight as [...]

ARES-200, 200 A Micro-ohm meter is getting ready for release soon!

ARES-200 is a micro-ohmmeter produced with advanced engineering technologies which can apply up to 200 A current. With its easy-to-use software, ARES-200 can easily measure contact resistances of circuit breaker, shunt, disconnector by applying adjustable current from 1 A to 200 A. It can calculate the real values of the resistors by providing penetration by the feature of the continuous current application. ARES-200 can measure from 0.1 µ Ω to 5 Ω. The ARES-200 is capable of measuring static resistance as well as providing dynamic insight into the contact points of the circuit breaker. ARES-200 can measure idle circuit breakers as well as the earthed circuit breakers on both sides. The optional current clamp will be able to measure [...]