It is not wrong to say that electricity, which is an important part of our lives in most of our lives, is a great threat to human security if it is continued to be used without measures. Electricity, along with great convenience for our lives as well as in today’s conditions, almost all of the energy sources are the indispensable source of work in the field. The electric energy that is insulated and presented securely has an indispensable pre-requisite in relieving needs and working all devices that need energy. Nevertheless, electrical installations that are not particularly grounded and threaten to become a security threat can become a threat to human life.


Earth Resistance Measurement

Grounding Measurement: Grounding as is known; is the process of connecting the inactive metal parts of the electric vehicles (generators, transformers, motors, lighting poles, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.) to the ground via a conductor by means of a conductor. According to this, grounding measurement is; technical processes that ensure that electrical equipment and equipment that may pose a risk to human life, buildings and businesses are in compliance with standards set by international organizations.



As, our engineers with the necessary qualification documents for earthing measurement and earthing report operations can respond to your requirements for this field. In addition to this,

High voltage operating liability,Earth Resistance MeasurementPlant, factory ground measurement,
Building ground measurement,
Lightning rod earthing measurement,
Basic grounding measurement,
Ground, equipment, machine grounding measurement,
Electrical internal installation inspection report
services can also be provided by our company. Firms that provide grounding measurement and grounding report should have the above mentioned authorization documents. For this reason, you should absolutely question the authority document of the pre-service firm.

Visual inspection,
The measurement and control of the continuity of the main and complementary potential equalization conductors of the protective conductors,
Measurement and control of insulation resistance of electrical installation,
Measurement of soil eutectic,
Measurement of grounding resistance,
Checking whether the feed is automatically cut off,
Control of cycle impedance,
Checking the error current protection scheme
It is in the form of


Earthing Measurement and Earthing Report Periods
The periods recommended above, the periods recommended for inspection, measurement and supervision during the operating period of various earthing plants are as follows:

2 years for electricity generation, transmission and distribution facilities,
5 years for energy transmission and distribution lines,
For industrial facilities and trade centers:

1 year for inspection and measurement of resistance to grounding,
2 years for other inspection, measurement and control related to earthing facilities,
For non-stationary installations:

1 year for fixed operating personnel,
6 months for displaced business people,
Inspection, measurement and inspection periods of the grounding facilities within the scope of the statute and the grounding facilities in workplaces working in the wet environment shall not exceed one year for the workplaces which are exposed to flammable, explosive, hazardous and harmful substances and the measures to be taken in the works.