HighTest Motor Service has been established to create engineering solutions for customers who need site service for their rotating machines in their facilities. HighTest can find satisfactory tailor made solutions according to customers’ need and conditions as well.

HighTest support customers to carry out their reactive, predictive and proactive maintenance or repair in a manner of cost effective way. HighTest can supply service to the customers by avoiding transporting of their machines to the workshops because HighTest can convert customers’ site to a workshop.

Motor and Generator Service
Motor and Generator Service
Motor and Generator Service
Motor and Generator Service

Scope of Work

  • Online and offline PD (partial discharge) air gap flux online measurement systems sales and commissioning support
  • Partial Discharge monitoring
  • Consultant duties and technical trainings for rotating machines
  • Commissioning of rotating machines
  • Troubleshot studies
  • Motors and generators electrical and mechanical inspections
  • Vibration measurements and analysis
  • Coupling alignment check and correction
  • Re-balancing (1 or 2 planes) of turbo generators at site

Major site overhauls of rotating machines

  • Dismantling
  • Inspection of bearings and other mechanical part
  • Inspection of winding and other winding accessories
  • Replacement of the spare parts
  • Cleaning, Drying out and Varnishing
  • Assembling and Start up
  • Online checks
  • Reporting all findings and comments