Project Description

TURA-03 SERIES Brochure EN

TURA-03B BLUE is designed using advanced engineering technology to measure the turns ratio of single-phase and three-phase transformers. TURA-03B BLUE has fast, easy and accurate TTR measurement features for current, voltage and power transformers using its user-friendly software. By using ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 measurement method TURA-03B BLUE can produce precise results. TURA-03B BLUE is one of the most accurate devices with its wide range (0.8 to 50,000) ratio measurement capability and high precision (0.08 %).

Besides the ratio measurement, TURA-03B BLUE can also measure excitation current, phase angle, polarity, and ratio error. Even though TURA-03B BLUE has three-phase cable configuration, users can make single phase transformer tests as well. TURA-03B BLUE can detect vector groups automatically. TURA-03B BLUE has a wide operation range from high excitation value current transformer to high powered power transformer at substations with the 1V, 4V, 10V, 40V, 100V and 250V AC test voltage generation capability.

A 7-inch colour touch display allows TURA-03B BLUE to show all measurement results on a single screen. USB, Built-in Bluetooth and Flash Memory features allow TURA-03B BLUE to control, record and store measurement results (up to 100 Test Records). With the HighTest Data Management Platform (DMP), users can control TURA-03B BLUE and analyse measurement results. Operators can easily print the measurement results with the 2.28-inch built-in Printer of TURA-03B BLUE. Multi-language capability and user-friendly operation menu make it easy to control TURA-03B BLUE, even by less trained staffs.

TURA-03B BLUE can control tap changer (raise and lower) via its tap changer outputs. TURA-03B BLUE is a light, compact and rugged device with the protection of IP67 (case closed).

In addition to ratio tests, TURA-03B BLUE can be used to perform Magnetic Balance Test as well.


  • Turns Ratio Measurement
  • (Single-phase and three-phase measurement)
  • Ranges from 0.8 to 50,000 ratio measurement
  • High Accuracy (0.08 %)
  • 1V, 4V, 10V, 40V, 100V and 250V AC test voltage
  • Ratio Error Measurement
  • Magnetic Balance Test
  • Excitation Current, Phase Angle, Polarity Measurement
  • Built-in Battery and Printer
  • Automatic vector group detection feature
  • Internal memory, USB Flash Drive
  • PC control via USB cable
  • Built-in Bluetooth control and communication
  • 7-inch large colour touch display
Measurement Parameters Turns Ratio Measurement, Excitation Current, Phase Angle, Polarity, Ratio Error (%), Vector group detection, Magnetic Balance
Ratio Measurement Modes CT Mode, PT Mode (Single-Phase and Three-Phase)
Measurement Method ANSI/IEEE C57.12
Test Voltages CT Mode: 1 V and 4 V

PT Mode: 1, 4, 10, 40, 100, 250 V

Ratio Range 0.8 – 50,000
Accuracy Mode Ratio Accuracy
CT Mode (1V -4 V) 0.8000 – 399.99 0.08 %
400.00 – 4000.0 0.1  %
PT Mode(10 V- 250 V) 0.8000 – 5000.0 0.08 %
5000.1 – 12000 0.15 %
12001 – 50000 0.5 %
Phase Angle Measurement 0-360 Degree
Excitation Current 2 A
Accuracy Range Resolution Accuracy
Up to 1.0000 mA 0.2 μA 0.25 % rdg ± 500 μA
1.0000 mA to 10.000 mA 1 μA 0.25 % rdg ± 500 μA
10.000 mA to 100.00 mA 10 μA 0.25 % rdg ± 500 μA
100.00 mA to 2000.0 mA 100 μA 0.25 % rdg ± 500 μA
Power Supply 100-240 V 47/63 Hz
Battery Yes, 14.4 V 3.45 Ah Built-in Battery
Memory 102 records (includes up to 25 tap results)
Printer 2.28-inch Printer
Communication USB 2.0/1.1 Standard-A, USB 2.0/1.1 Standard-B, Built-in Bluetooth
PC Software DMP Software
Display 7-inch Colour Touch Display
Dimensions 16.7″ x 13.4″ x 6.8″  (424 mm x 340 mm x 173 mm )
Weight 7.1 kg
Working Temperature -10 °C to +60 °C
Protection Class IP67 (case closed)
Set of Package TURA-03B BLUE, Power Cable, Ground Cable , 5m Standard Test Cable Set, 10m Extension Cable Set, Tap Changer Cable Set, USB Cable, Printer Paper (x2), USB flash drive, Instruction Manual (Soft Copy), DMP Software, Cable Bag
Options Hard Carrying Case