WINRES 20 – Winding Resistance Tester – Video

WINRES-20B BLUE is designed using advanced engineering technology to measure the winding resistance of transformers. WINRES-20B BLUE can measure current, voltage, power transformer windings and shunt resistors. Applying up to 20 A DC allows WINRES-20B BLUE to measure the winding resistance of transformers quick and precise.

Temperature Rise (Heat Run) test

Heat run test or temperature rise test is one of the type tests on the power transformer. This test’s results are really important for the operational economy to show the performance of the transformer in the fields. The mean purpose of this test is to check whether the oil and winding temperatures of the transformer meet the values specified in the standard and technical projects. […]

Tests on the on-load tap changer (OLTC)

WHY DO WE PERFORM OLTC TEST? The on-load tap changer (OLTC) is the only moving part in a typical power transformer, it permits tap changing and regulating voltage without affecting the network operation. This frequently movements between transformer taps makes the OLTC components the most vulnerable, which implies regular testing and maintenance. On the other hand, by using a conventional static winding resistance measurement, it is hard to detect any anomalies during the switching process because of the fast movements of the OTLC’s switches (40-60 ms). Many mechanical parts are not easily accessible for inspection, and it is recommended to perform additional tests to establish the OLTC condition. Usually, winding resistance measurements are performed on offline power transformers. In [...]

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