transformer turns ratio meter - hightest

A transformer turns ratio test confirms the ratio accuracy of a transformer. The test ensures the correct ratio of both primary turns and secondary turns and guarantees the proper functioning of the power transformer. Furthermore, Turns Ratio test can help to identify issues related to tap-changer performance, incorrect and open winding connections. Due to the significant benefits, can be reaped by the Turns Ratio test, it is necessary to have your transformer tested frequently. Turns Ratio measurements of a transformer are extremely important for several reasons, such as Quality verification, Validation of design specifications, Assessment of possible damage, Establishment of transformer condition and condition trends. During the test, if the Turns Ratio results differ from the expected target values, the probability of a defect or error is high. Untargeted results could indicate a defect in windings or a tap-changer.

HighTest TURA series (TURA-01, TURA-03 and TURA-X) with its various options (Bluetooth, Battery, Expansion feature with Three Phase Adapter (TPA-03)) and unique characteristics is designed by advanced engineering technology to measure the turns ratio of single and three-phase transformers. TURA has fast, easy and accurate TTR measurement features for current, voltage and power transformers by its user-friendly software. It’s one of the most accurate devices with its wide range (0.8 up to 50,000) ratio measurement capability, high precision (0.08 %), and test voltage up to 250 V.